Dear alumni:

Warm greetings to all.  I trust that you are all productively and creatively improving the contexts where you find yourselves.  I wish to share the following quote and trust that it will resonate with you.
“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”
Winston Churchill – Alumni Handbook, 2002.
I am currently interpreting the research data and writing the findings of my thesis entitled, “ Facilitating alumni support for a low-resourced school using participatory methodologies”.  Because we have followed a participatory process throughout this research journey, I continually seek your input. It is also important for sustained alumni participation in the school that your voices are heard. I haveion a previous letter appealed to you to write narratives depicting how you have overcome challenges in seeking your niche in life. I need to know the impact Arcadia Secondary School had in you overcoming these challenges.

I am also reminding you that we will be having our second Alumni Week during the last week of August 2015. I believe that we have done pioneering work in this regard as 2014 was the first year in the history of the school that we were able to have such a momentous event. This year you have even more to look forward to as we are celebrating our 40th anniversary of the school’s existence. I know that we have made an impact on many learners who have sat at these desks and played on the playground.

Along this research journey I have been in contact with so many alumni as far afield as DuBai, the UK, USA, and in different provinces of our country. I have had e-mails from alumni working at UWC, positive input from those working in the municipal treasury, in education, business, health services, justice department, etc. I am proud that Arcadia Secondary School is well represented in all spheres of society.


The Alumni association supports and enhances the realization of the school’s mission through maintaining and expanding mutually beneficial relationships with its members and through utilizing and maximizing their expertise, goodwill and influence.

Goals & Functions
1. To enhance the image of the association as

  • An important stakeholder of the school
  • An asset of the school who supports the realization of the school’s mission and goals
  1. To foster loyalty to and pride among past pupils, friends of Arcadia SS through effective communication so that they may positively influence others.
    3. To provide and foster the provision of opportunities for Alumni to contribute in financial and other mean to the advancement of the school.
    4. To provide Alumni and friends of Arcadia with opportunities to benefit from their relationship with the school.  

    Chairperson:      P. Somerset
    Alumni Coordinator: C.Rensburg

Alumni roles
• To serve the needs of the school.
• To share your knowledge and skills (volunteer professional services, present talks and assist with mentoring).
• Start chapters and clubs.
• Help secure donations for the school.
• To introduce current learners to a proud school history and positive role models.
• To promote Arcadia as the first choice school to others.
• To raise funds and support specific projects e.g. library/media centre, computer lab, maintenance, bursary fund.

What have past pupils achieved thus far?
• Lay a concrete slab at the assembly point
• Converted classrooms into a school hall
• Computer room for educators
• Donations to complete the flooring.
How you can assist us
• Sign up as an Alumni member
• Support our events and fundraisers
• Recruit more members
• Share ideas, expertise and networks to assist your alma mater to become an even greater school

For more info contact the Principal:

Mr. G. Prince on 041- 4812247  or

Alumni Chairperson : Mr. P.Somerset on 0822979200
Alumni Coordinator  : Mrs. C. Rensburg on 0836579247